lunes, 12 de mayo de 2008

Death Of An Angel

Dusk found her lying upon a bed of black sand.
Suddenly all of her whiteness,
That of her genuine purity
Was covered by darkness. .
And the ice queen lazily,
stretching herself, awakened.
And stood up slowly.
Darkness then was deep enough.
She spread her wings, all them wide.
Their whiteness glowing, enlightening
The little piece of darkness surrounding her.
Her sparkling aura, growing more and more glittering;
With that of her unique white-lilac colored bright,
Among the shadows of the night.
And she was alive... Remembered the icy angel,
It was time.
Shaking her magnificent wings,
One by one its iridescent feathers.
The angel took flight.
The sky was deeply cloudy,
But the kindy moon guided her.
Though began... the rain; her vision vanishing.
The heavy drops hitting roughly her softly naked skin.
The wind blew against her, hampering her weak wings´
Attempts to go ahead.
But she didn´t care... She knew she would.
So she took her inner power, all of her mightyness;
And assailed with anger against them all,
Nothing able to stop her now.
With a winner´s smile, she flew higher and higher
Into the infinite dark of the nighty skies.
Looking forward for her destiny,
The lonely angel kept on flying...
Up and up to the heights, reaching the most remote afars.
Jumping from star to star, enjoying that flight;
Her last...
Gaming and playing and cheating,
For last time...
As she went more and more afar, jumping from star to star.
Looking for some paradise, she once had.
But no luck, was lost; as so many much,
She once had...
Angel wasting her time lack.
She went on her path, the one that´d take her
To the end of times.
The lonely angel in her last flight
Looked below her, from the heights...
With an amazing gest reflected in her large naive eyes.
How small looked it all! And how infinite it all was!
An only glaze...
Then she heard the summon, that she was expecting.
That one convoking. The angel folded her wings
And let herself go...
She lost her consciousness, and long dreamed...
About her whole life, recalling from the past,
Leaving it all behind with no future designed.
The angel awoke, was a bit scared
So, didn´t open her eyes...
But yes, perceived other sensations.
Smells and sounds. And... a kind of heat,
Closely at her side...
A smooth caress on her naked skin;
On her lips, the sweetest kiss.
The angel tasted it, liked it.
Opened her blinking eyes,
And could see herself reflected in another eyes...
Into the deepest blueish green, like some weird sea,
Those eyes...
Into them her mind had lost
So many times before...
Now for everlasting caught
Into its atemporal giddingly tunnel.
She left herself to be lost.
And the angel knew she´d reached her goals.
Staring at white and black, feathers mixed.
Bodies, spirits, all of them becoming one.
No possession, none; only a conversion.
A neverending one...
The angel knew...
She had finally reached the end of the times.
Then, the angel died...

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maanavar dijo...

it's grate! like it so much really. the angel would be reincarnated again and again... did u think about that? why not